Genesis IVF was flashed in all local medias when the first test tube baby of Erode district was born in 1998. That was the first of it’s kind outside the State Capital. Following which scientific news through light on the subsequent scientific adventures-“first births” like ICSI baby, Cryopreserved embryo baby, Blastocyst baby, laser assisted hatching baby and Embryo glue baby in the institution.

The “Medical Miracle” was the word used in BBC NEWS for describing of the world’s eldest lady’s delivery on 23.2.2004, a boy baby born for the oldest couple of the Universe – 64 years old Mrs. Pappathy and 74 years old Mr.Subramaniam, out of egg donation and Blastocyst culture technique. NDTV did live air relay when the male baby was delivered by Caesarian operation and Press Trust of India released thi edias of India and other countries like UK, Canada, California & etc.,

As socio corporate responsibility, we involve in releasing regular heal cation articles in prime news papers and weekly magazines which cover th scie i?c aspects of test tube baby and it’s advancements, the pros and cons of such.


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