Weight Loss

Weight Loss Program

Fitness for Fertility is a medically sound 12 week program for weight loss. A fertility specialist will take medical history, oversee the program and initiate investigation of infertility. Our accredited dietician will create a nutritional map for them and will guide them in meal planning. Our exercise coach runs a sensitive and supportive program for women embarking on a weight loss journey to get pregnant. It involves a mix of personal goal setting and group activities. The overall aim is to improve their diet and reduce the weight to help improving the chances of conceiving naturally, or should they still require IVF, to increase the chance of successful conception.

Patient Support Program

Patient Support Program

At Genesis, we have counseling service for infertile couples before, during, between and after treatment. All the counselors are experienced therapists whose initial academic training was either in social Work or clinical psychology.

For some people counseling provides mental support and comfort during the phase of high stress. For some it’s a place where thoughts and feelings about infertility can be explored and discussed privately. Others find that counseling helps them to develop coping strategies of their own. The service is completely confidential.

Counseling encourages couple to undergo IVF Treatment without much stress as our counselors associate with them during the treatment phase too, so they feel comfortable and confident.

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